Welcome to my studio!  Three rooms in the basement make up the working studio.  The concrete room is tuned to capture a large drum sound out of an obscenely small room.  The main tracking room has a nicely finished floor and tuned to give a decent room sound but dead enough for voice over work.  The control room has space for additional tracking room as well as some furniture for lounging.  The additional recreation room has a pool table and seating for additional people as well as an equipment landing.  A 5 piece band can live track pretty comfortably and with very good sound isolation!  I'm excited to continue to build the studio into a music making machine! -Luke


The studio is designed to allow an artist to bring their own rigs in and capture their natural sound.  I have some gear available that can be used on occasion.  I have many mics collected over the years with some unique options.  My collection has spanned over 10 years with some mics sticking with me through various recording rigs.  The board currently is a Soundcraft Signature 22MTK board that allows great flexibility in choosing analog and digital options.  A true "best of both worlds" studio that allows full band live tracking.

Moorhead, MN

Tel: 218-979-1356

The studio is open by appointment only.


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